[ECOM 101] How to Add Products to Your Shopify Store Using Oberlo

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If you are not using OBERLO to add products to your drop shipping store, then you should.     Doing it by hand is so yesteryear.  Anyways, here’s a quick guide that I wrote for my staff so they know exactly how, why, and what we do in order to add products to our store.       I have written notes on the screenshots in red, you might need to click to view the full image sizes to see what they say (if interested).

Pull up the products you imported/added to your Oberlo

The main product page will have Product, Description, Variants, and Images.  These tabs let you set everything that needs to be set when importing your product.



One important thing to note is the link to AliExpress product preview.  Or this red button down below.  You want to press this and open a preview of the product on ali in a new tab/window.  Hopefully you are working with a dual monitor setup, in which case you can throw that to the left or right monitor and have Oberlo product edit screen open.     You will then be able to come up and write the product titles/descriptions really fast and efficient while looking at the product on the other screen.  If not, then you better become fast at switching between windows/tabs 🙂


When adding products, it’s very important to also select the right collections,


You will also want to select or add in the product type, and some tags that most relate to your product like this:


Next up, comes the description of the product.   Many aliexpress products come in Centimeters;   sadly Americans use Inches and Feet, the imperial system so you will have to whip out a converter and convert the cm’s into inches so they can understand the sizes.  Same goes for weight.      Write an interesting and catchy description for this product, and include the product specs after it – or if you are a bad ass,  tie in the product specs into the text, and bold them so they are eye catchingly easy to find.    If you suck at writing descriptions,  hit up bannerslanders.com, and ask about their description writing services for ecom.


Next up, variants.  This is imported by default in Oberlo, and it usually is spot on, however sometimes they add weird numbers or words into the Variant description boxes like you see below, so it’s important to make it look nicer by fixing it up a bit.


A ton of images are grabbed by oberlo, and some are auto selected.  It’s important to review this tab and make some adjustments either by adding kick ass pictures from the selection or ommiting pictures that contain watermarks, logos or foreign text.


When all is said and done,  all you have to do is press the Push to Shop button to get the product live in your store, and that’s it.  Not rocket science is it? 😀

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  1. Great refresher, thanks!

    When dropshipping how do you typically deal with payment holds by the gateways? Shopify holds 25% for 90 days and others hold for months.

  2. hi there, great ppost BTW.
    I am having one issue with my oberlo. That is whenever I am importing products to my shopify online store I can’t select any collections. I have created collections but none appear in the drop down. What to do here..

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