How to Increase Profits on Your Ecommerce Store with Google and Facebook Ads Combined

How to Increase Profits on Your Ecommerce Store with Google and Facebook Ads Combined

I noticed that a lot of people tend to forget about Facebook/Instagram ads once they start using Google ads in their efforts to maximize their sales and profits. And while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, you should remember that FB ads can be quite effective, too, when it comes to taking your sales to a whole new level.

So, I wanted to share with you some ideas (and strategies) on how you can combine Facebook and Google ads to get the best out of both worlds for your ecom store.

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads

How to Increase Profits on Your Ecommerce Store with Google and Facebook Ads Combined

On one hand, if you have a product that solves a certain need and that’s a bit on the expensive side, you’ll have higher chances of selling it through Google ads rather than Facebook ads. 

Why? Because people who click through an ad on Google are usually the ones searching for exactly what you have to offer. They type in a keyword or the name of the product, see your ad, go to the product page, and buy the product.

On the other hand, Facebook is great if you want to promote a new — and relatively cheap — product, something that people haven’t seen before, or if you have a product that’s really engaging. This means that if you create a great video ad, convince people that your product is cool, and then send them to the product page of an item they can by on a whim, you will be able to make a sale.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t sell expensive items on Facebook and vice versa, but that you might have more success if you used these two platforms the way they were intended to be used — when it comes to ecommerce and dropshipping, at least.

How to Get Google and Facebook Ads to “Work” Together

Like I said, I’ll give you a couple of strategies that you can use to get the best results for your business.

Strategy #1: Opt for Retargeting

Retargeting on Google can be highly effective — if you do it right. 

Take dynamic retargeting, for example. The way it works is that Google shows your ads to people who viewed a product on your store, but didn’t buy it. These ads follow your consumers all of the Internet, no matter where they are, due to the fact that Google works with so many different websites all over the world.

In theory, dynamic retargeting should work great. In practice? Your ads will mostly show up on banners, which people are starting to ignore more and more (banner blindness), and you won’t be able to increase your sales.

If you use Facebook retargeting, however, you’ll probably have more success with your ads. All you need to do is install the Facebook Pixel on your website, use it to track the people who arrived to your site via Google ads (people who are actually interested in your product), and later on retarget them on Facebook. 

Your ad will appear on the News Feed, where people are far more engaged than on Google and tend to click more on ads. If you put in some effort into creating a cool ad, with great copy and visuals, you should have no problems making sales.

NOTE: You can get your traffic on Facebook and retarget people on Google, but retargeting on FB is generally more effective and acquiring that initial traffic from Google is definitely easier

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Easy Way To Cloak Affiliate Links on Facebook and Other Social Networks

Easy Way To Cloak Affiliate Links on Facebook and Other Social Networks

Probably all of you know that affiliate is not looked upon kindly by big social media owning companies. So, we have to constantly fight with obstacles. Facebook page is closed, your ad or whole account flagged, can’t place raw affiliate links, you have to be creative with copy and visuals… You have to understand them. They want to show quality content to their users. No one wants to see a sales post with an affiliate link on the news feed.

Still, it’s worth it. With a real good affiliate product, if you do your marketing well, you can bypass many steps that a regular entrepreneur has to walk on. No employees, creating a product, creating a website, sale page… All you have to do is promote the product and divert the traffic to your offer.

Even if affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to start earning money online, many people are not that good at it. Most would just promote a link on their social media or their website. Well, they are missing on so many sales opportunities by not putting more effort into it.

I will show you how to go around a Facebook policy by cloaking your links and how to use a marketing software that lets you place links anywhere you like.

Easy Way To Cloak Affiliate Links on Facebook and Other Social Networks

Cloak Your Links With ClickMagic

First, if you ever put a regular affiliate link you know that nowadays it is automatically band. You can’t even post it on most networks. It will tell you that they cant download or extract data from the link.

Link looks ugly and it is hard to convince someone to click on it even if your post is allowed. It looks so unprofessional. Hence the need for cloaking the link.

I use a software called ClickMagic for a few months now and it does a fantastic job of cloaking links. You can try two weeks for free. So, ClickMagic will cloak your links everywhere, information about all your click placements, you will see witch campaigns are generating most clicks, link monitoring and so on. I sound like a sales professional now, just need to give you the link to their website.

WordPress Plugins

Cloak for Free by Using Redirect Links

There is another way to turn your affiliate link into a nice and friendly redirect link. There is a WordPress plugin called The Redirection. Of course, you need to have a WordPress hosted website to use plugins. This is completely free to use. Once you install it, all you have to do is paste source URL and write the target as you like. Click a button and that is it.


ThirstyAffiliates is a really good affiliate link management plugin. It is designed with an affiliate in mind. It will give you complete management control over your links. This means you can use different names for one affiliate link or if (like most affiliate marketers) you have more products that you are promoting. You can organize links for every product in categories.

The Pretty Link

This little plugin allows you to shorten your URLs. Premium version allows you automatic link tracking. There is also an option of following every hit on your affiliate links.

WooCommerce Cloak Affiliate Links

If you have a WooCommerce store, you can simply hide affiliate links. This plugin also allows you to redirect links to either 301, 302 or 307.

Simple URL

In contrast to the name, this plugin will redirect outbound links. It installs a new option on the WordPress admin board. There you can easily manage links using custom post types and 301 redirects. Like Pretty link, it will count hits and present data on a custom field.

Easy Way To Cloak Affiliate Links on Facebook and Other Social Networks

Create Excellent Content

Instead of just writing a short copy and put a link, it’s better to deliver great content about the product that you are promoting.

Try to write something that is in tone with your page. Actually, your content can be in any form. From the Facebook post, blog, Pinterest Pin, video… Of course, it helps if you buy and use the product by yourself.

Use Image

Images are more interactive and fun than text. You should not just make your article look prettier but use images for affiliate link promotion. For example, at the end of an article, you can post an image of the product you mentioned in the article. Then put your link underneath the image. You can even ask people to get on your email list and you will send them a link with some type of discount (depending on the offer).

Shorten Your Links

You need to be smart and careful with services that allow your links to be shortened. It’s all good with regular links but most of those services like or, do not allow Clickbank and some other affiliate links to be promoted. However, some of them like are open for affiliate links, so far.

As you can see, there are many ways to hide affiliate links. Most are free and are tide to WordPress. Still, it’s pretty good for a semi-legal activity. Let me know if you know any other software of plugin?

How to Find the Most Passionate Audience to Target on Facebook Ads

How to Find the Most Passionate Audience to Target on Facebook Ads

When you find a niche you want to advertise in, you will also want to find the right audience to target in your FB ads. That is, the audience that’s most likely to buy whatever you are trying to sell. And that’s where the market and competition analysis come into the picture.

By doing market analysis, you can find out if there’s enough people out there interested in buying your product or service. By doing competition analysis, you get to discover what your competition is like, are there similar products or services to your own, how much do they charge, etc.

Some general rule-of-thumb is this: if there is someone selling something similar to what you have, and that something is selling well, it’s a sign that you should give that particular market a try.

Here are some basic steps you want to follow before launching a campaign.

Check the Facebook Audience Size and Available Interests

Let’s say that we have T-shirts that we want to sell and that we want to try advertising in the paraprofessional niche. 

The reason why I chose this niche is because it is fairly small and will require a more in-depth market research, unlike popular niches which have a large number of buyers already.

Start off by going to your Ad Manager and then to Facebook’s Audience Insights.

How to Find the Most Passionate Audience to Target on Facebook Ads

In the pop-up window, choose Everyone on Facebook and then proceed to your dashboard. In the Interests field in the search bar to your left, type in the KW ‘paraprofessional’. I chose both options that Facebook provided me with and ended up with something like this:

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